Cloud Security

While the business benefits of cloud computing are clear, managing the security and risk associated with them is not. Cloud computing systems have the same – if not greater – vulnerabilities as your IT infrastructure, requiring security and risk management as well as meeting regulatory compliance and auditing requirements.

However, the legacy security controls you use to protect your data center servers cannot be extended to protect your cloud infrastructure and services. The problem is that most network security tools only protect servers based on addresses and access control lists. The dynamic nature of the cloud requires network security controls that are dynamic and work end-to-end across your data centers, private and public clouds.

Unique Solution Value

Invisinet allows you to build your cloud and enterprise network security controls around identity and move past the limitations of using network topology and addresses. Authenticating identity during TCP session establishment allows enforcement policies to be built based on the identity of the user, not on where the user is coming from or how they got there. Fully compliant with  TCP protocol standards, the Invisinet  solution  is compatible with existing network and security components.

Invisinet Transport Access Control (TAC) provides scalable, proactive protection for cloud deployments. It closes attack vectors by allowing only authorized and authenticated inbound and outbound network sessions, blocking unidentified and unauthorized traffic from reaching your network or cloud services including the incessant pings and probes from potential hackers. Unauthorized connection requests are dropped after the first packet received with no response provided to the user and prior to any connection being made, effectively cloaking your cloud services.

Why you should look at Invisinet for cloud and network security:

  • Proactive Security: does not rely on manually updated signatures or network topology to protect against the multitude of attacks that networks and servers face every day
  • Operational Benefits: cloaks/shields the network and systems from unauthorized and malicious traffic. Once this traffic has been removed, further efficiency – lower cost, increased productivity and isolation for compliance – are realized
  • Easy Deployment: offers drop-in deployment with no changes to existing applications or infrastructure
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